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Ranch Planner

This program will help you understand the business and financial side of your dude ranch. By estimating information such as the number of guests each year or the expense of operating the ranch, the program will provide you with complete financial projections for each of the next five years, including Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements.

Once the initial estimates have been entered, the program can be used to change any of the values previously entered. This way errors can be corrected or the data refined. This feature gives you the powerful ability to do "What if?" trials to see the effect of, say, adding a new guest cabin or hiring additional staff or raising rates.

There is a lot of data to enter the first time you use Ranch Planner and some time will be needed. After that, though, you will be able to correct errors or change data to do "What if?" analysis. After the first set of estimates are entered, you can then use the Financial Projections to view the new or updated reports. Also, where there are tiny red triangles in a caption, hovering the cursor over the red triangle brings up Notes on that subject.


Below is a sample spread sheet with most of the functionality of the ranch planner program. To get started in the upper left hand corner click on "Rocky Mountain Ranch".  Using the tabs at the bottom of the page you can change Assumptions such as number of Guests, Rates, and Payroll. The areas shaded in blue can be changed. The unshaded areas are calculated numbers. By playing with the numbers you can see how the Ranch Planner program can benefit your ranch operation and allow you to do "What if" Scenarios. Please allow a couple of minutes for the program to load.